Pre and Post Natal Pilates


Prenatal Pilates Cronulla

During pregnancy it is important to exercise regularly and, most importantly, safely.  Commencing or maintaining your Pilates practice during this time can particularly help you to avoid pregnancy-related back and pelvic pain.

Why? Pilates will assist in ensuring the optimal function of your pelvic floor muscles and the postural muscles of the lower back and pelvis all of which are challenged during this time. Better still, your Pilates practice throughout pregnancy can assist in a speedier recovery in the post-natal period.

Your pre-natal Pilates needs are best met in our studio sessions where we can provide specific exercises and modifications to meet your individual needs.  And providing all is going well, you can participate in Pilates right up to the big day.

During the post-natal period we can assist you in your recovery through continued studio sessions or in specially designed Mums and Bubs Matwork Classes.




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