Pilates Matwork

Pilates Matwork ClassPilates Matwork Class CronullaPilates Matwork Class Cronulla

Mat Classes (maximum 7 participants)

Pilates Matwork invigorates and energises the body: improving mind-body focus, stimulating circulation and enhancing body awareness. Classes are a one-hour full body workout designed to stretch and strengthen the whole body, and importantly build a strong, stable core. We offer small classes of no more than 7, to ensure we can provide the very best attention to all participants and appropriate social distancing.Pilates matwork is appropriate for non-injured participants. These classes offer variety and challenge through the use of equipment such as magic circles, resistance bands, hand and leg weights, foam rollers, and gym/chi balls. We have classes to suit all levels.

Classes are booked as a 10 pack or casual visit (subject to availability).You are welcome to start matwork at any time, in a class at a level appropriate to your previous Pilates experience.

Clothing should be comfortable and easy to move in and we ask you to bring a clean pair of socks to wear.

Due to NSW Health regulations, you will be required to bring your own mat/towel and water bottle.


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