A Pain in the Butt…well Hip!

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Following on from my blog from last week, here is some more information on a common tendon issue …remember the tendon is the part that attaches the muscle to the bone and is very sensitive to sudden overuse or repetitive lifestyle habits. This one can be a real pain in the butt, literally!

Your buttock or gluteal muscles are actually made up of multiple layers of muscle all with different roles. Some are designed for big powerful movements like stepping up, jumping or squats. However, there are many which play an important stabilising force around this hip and pelvis like the gluteus minimus and medius.

It is these two muscles, and their respective tendons, that can give you a real pain in the butt or, more specifically, the side of the hip. Pain when lying on the side of your hip at night, climbing stairs, or after sitting in a low chair. Depending on the stage of tendon aggravation your symptoms will vary, for some you may just feel sore on the outside of the hip initially on starting exercise or the next day after doing exercise. These are just some of the symptoms.

Habitual patterns of standing, like hanging off one hip, crossing your legs when sitting can also contribute to the problem. Remember, I mentioned how tendons don’t like compression…that’s what happens when you hold the body in the above static positions, the tendons can get stretched across the bone where they attach. This can also then compress the bursa (or cushion) that sits between the tendons and the bone.

This tendon issue can creep in with a sudden fitness regime of long walks if we are not strong enough in some of the deep stabilising muscles around the hip and pelvis and don’t build up slowly. A common mistake is that people try to stretch the gluteal muscles with exercises that pull the leg across the body or stretch the ITB over the outside of the hip, which further aggravates the problem.

Remember the rule of thumb – increase by no more than 10% each week and to start with, consider a day off in between long walks, especially, if they involve a lot of stairs or hill climbing. Also, a strengthening program that focuses on the core and deeper gluteal muscles will prepare you well and hopefully prevent a pain in the butt later when increasing or starting a walking or running.

Nikki Scott, Physiotherapist


Tendon Injuries, Running and Starting a new Exercise Program during Lockdown

While lockdown has meant more of us can work from home, some of us have also found we have more time or more motivation to exercise. 

Remember, it is important to build up slowly. Some parts of our body need longer to adjust to a new exercise regime or changes in routine.

Tendons are the pTendon Injuryart of our body that connect our muscles to our bones and can be sensitive to sudden changes in load or demand.

For example, the Achilles tendon is located at the back of the heel. If someone suddenly decides they are going to run every day during lockdown with no build up, this may lead to what we call Achilles tendinopathy.

This is where the tendon becomes aggravated due to overload. There are other causes as well of course, such as poor running shoes or running style but, in many cases, it develops due to a sudden change in training load without enough recovery time. Tendons are also very sensitive to compression load but I will go more into that in the next blog!

To ensure you build in enough recovery time, try to add variety into your routine and try to give yourself a day off in between the same exercise. That rest day could be an opportunity to do some pilates or yoga or a different activity such as swimming or cycling.

In general, progress slowly, increasing you weight session or running sessions by no more than 10% each week.

If you’ve never run before, there are some good apps that will build you up slowly and split your running into walking and running intervals until you are running continuously. For example, ‘5K’ Couch to 5K – Run Training.

Running is great, as you require no equipment (other than a good pair of running shoes) and you can literally open the door and go. However, if you have suddenly decided to give running a go, make sure you build up slowly and have a day off in between running sessions.

If this is you already, there are some specific exercises you can learn to assist. The first step is to get it properly diagnosed. Next, learn what exercises and lifestyle changes you can make to decrease your pain and to build healthy tendons.

I’ll be writing some more blogs about common tendon injuries over the next few weeks, such as those affecting the shoulder hip and foot…stay tuned….

Nikki Scott, Physiotherapist


REOPENING Information

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PPP Update – Returning client information   As previously advised, the government has approved a return to group exercise from 11 October 2021. This includes Clinical Rehab Groups, Studio Group and Private Sessions, and Classes. Proof of full vaccination for Covid-19 (or valid medical exemption) will be required prior to returning to sessions as per NSW Health guidelines. We have reached out to clients with long term bookings to confirm return to sessions.  Please get in touch if you have not heard from us. As always, we will be taking...

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A Pain in the Butt…well Hip! Following on from my blog from last week, here is some more information on a common tendon issue …remember the tendon is the part that attaches the muscle to the bone and is very sensitive to sudden overuse or repetitive lifestyle habits. This one can be a real pain in the butt, literally! Your buttock or gluteal muscles are actually made up of multiple layers of muscle all with different roles. Some are designed for big powerful movements like stepping up, jumping or squats. However, there are many which play an...

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Masks are back and we remain OPEN!

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Masks now mandatory in all indoor settings! Due to the growing COVID-19 cluster in Greater Sydney, masks will be made compulsory from 4pm Wednesday the 23rd of June, in all indoor settings which includes exercise studios. Please bring mask/towel/water to your session. All staff will be wearing masks to ensure your safety and we encourage you to continue your sessions unless advised otherwise.  Fitness is health!...

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Massage is back at PPP Cronulla!

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Please join us in welcoming Carlo Morato as one of our massage therapists. Carla is a physiotherapist trained in Argentina. She moved to Australia 2 years ago chasing her dream of helping people have a healthy way of life and is passionate about movement and sports. Back in Argentina Carla was trained in sports rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage and neurological rehabilitation. Since moving to Australia Carla has been developing her hands-on skills working as a remedial massage therapist of high performance athletes. In 2019 she was the...

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Pilates Studio Sessions resuming 13 June 2020

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The announcement we have all been waiting for has arrived. The government has approved for a return to our Pilates Studio Sessions from Saturday, 13 June. This includes Studio Privates, Studio Group Sessions and Classes. During the coming week one of our friendly staff will be in touch with you by phone to see how you are and book you in if you are ready to return to studio sessions.  Where possible we will endeavour to offer you your previous timeslot and instructor, however we appreciate your flexibility if some time changes need to...

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PPP Studio Pilates Update

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When will studio pilates sessions be available at PPP? Click here for the lowdown. And click the link for a video tour of the new studio set up - PPP Studio...

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Business update regarding Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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The APA has received the following advice from the Federal Minister for Health, The Hon Greg Hunt: The Australian Minister for Health confirmed on Tuesday March 24th, 2020 that ALL allied health practices can continue operating and are encouraged to do so.  Barbara, Karina, & Nikki will continue to be offering Physiotherapy treatment and Physiotherapy Rehabilitation sessions as normal – Private & Group (maximum 2 with social distancing measures in place) sessions of either 30 minutes or 1 hour as prescribed by your...

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Hit your health & fitness goals in 2020!

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With our beautiful, boutique Physio Rooms & Studios located in the convenient heart of Cronulla, Pilates Power & Physiotherapy offers something for everyone: Physiotherapy and Clinical Rehabilitation sessions and classes for those with injuries, recovering from surgeries or to heal those weekend warrior injuries that are part of everyday life; Pilates Studio Sessions and Mat Classes for those wanting a strengthening, all-over body workout; Physiotherapist/Exercise Physiologist led classes such as “Functional Strength &...

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Mother’s Day Specials

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Why not treat your mum to the gift of Pilates or Clinical Rehabilitation this Mother’s Day.  We are currently offering the following specials so get in fast as time is limited….   SPECIAL A – $190.00 (RRP $205) 60 minute Initial Consult + 1 Private Pilates Class   SPECIAL B – $75.00 (RRP $90) 60 minute massage with Massage Therapist (to be used by 19 May 2019)   SPECIAL C – $199.00 (RRP $225) 5 Pack—Studio Pilates Sessions   SPECIAL D —$270.00 (RRP $290) 5 Pack—Clinical Rehabilitation Sessions   *Offers...

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Private Health Insurance Reforms from 1 April 2019

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As you are probably aware, the Federal Government has introduced reforms to remove rebates for many natural therapies paid under private health insurance policies. These changes will come into effect from 1 April 2019 and may affect you if you have extras cover in your private health insurance. From 1 April 2019, private health insurers will not pay any benefits for Pilates and a number of other natural therapies. The Government’s original position was that Pilates would not be claimable, regardless of who delivers it or how it is delivered....

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